Charity WOD for Black Dog Brigade

Heal a Heart Charity WOD @ CrossFit Aestus on February 8th at 5pm.

Help a dog and heal a heart by participating in our Heal a Heart charity WOD. $15 gets you a ticket for the WOD. We will take cash at the door or you can donate on the Black Dog Brigade website ahead of time by using the link for tickets. Where it says donate to a heartworm positive dog, enter $15 or more if you’d like. 100% of the donations received will go to helping the dogs in our area shelters with either heartworm treatment or heartworm preventative.

Donations or to pay ahead online:

Facebook Event Page:

The Black Dog Brigade Heal a Heart fund is dedicated to sponsoring both heartworm preventative (for 1 year) and heartworm treatment for shelter dogs so that they may find their forever home and their new families looking for them do not have to worry about the additional costs of treatment. There are so many dogs in our shelters that get passed up because they are heartworm positive. We aim to change that!

Heartworm treatment sometimes entails injections and hospitalization. Recovery can take up to a couple of months. The average cost of treating a dog with heartworm is $360 – $1,00, while the average cost of heartworm preventative for dogs at $5-15 per month.