June 25th is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Whether they act as Official Fetcher of Frisbees and tennis balls or hold down the position of Family Couch Potato, our barking buddies work like dogs at home, but for one day each year our four-legged friends can find out what it’s really like to bring home the bacon during Take Your Dog to Work Day, when ‘nine to five’ becomes ‘K-9 to five.’

Founded by Pet Sitters International (PSI), since its start in 1999 Rovers have been invited to join the rat race on the Friday following Father’s Day during an annual event which not only brings a sense of play to the work day for pet parents, but also promotes the option of pet adoption by shining a spotlight on the joy that having a pal with paws brings to a person’s life.

For those who want to employ tips for incorporating a pal with paws into the work place for the day, PSI offers a free downloadable action pack filled with advice for convincing the company’s ‘top dog’ that there are benefits to having Bowser at a place of business, and instructions for planning productive Take Your Dog to Work celebrations, such as holding a fundraiser for an area shelter or rescue organization, or conducting a Pet Fair complete with talks from local pet professionals.