Senior Spotlight – Callie & Casey

(near) ANNAPOLIS, MD: *Please Share!* If you’re someone who thrives with a whole lotta love, than Callie and Casey are the pair for you! These two babes are very sensitive to loud noises and have been on the search for a home without young children. They are perfect for a household that is very mindful of the animals’ presence within it and their needs. Casey and Callie are exceptionally sweet and friendly and we know their perfect home is out there…they just need help to find it! PLEASE SHARE!

Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue wrote, “Callie and Casey are a very bonded senior pair of salt-and-pepper mini schnauzers. They were surrendered to a shelter in Virginia in July of this year. They turned 13 years old in September.

Callie is a female, weighing in at 18 pounds. She has a cataract in one eye, but still can see very well. Casey is a male, he weighs only 14 pounds and is a little bit shorter than Callie. They love to go on walks and they do not pull on leash. They are both Velcro dogs – wherever their human is they follow! Casey is the cuddler. He will fall asleep on your chest in any position you put him in. Callie likes to be held, but she does not snuggle. She just enjoys being held and loved and petted. She enjoys it so much she ‘coos’ in a low voice when you hold her and pet her. It kind of sounds like a groan. They sleep together, nap together, eat together, clean each other and love each other so dearly.

Casey has cataracts in both eyes and has some decline to his sight in darker light and at night. He does very well in daylight and well lit rooms. He has a dry eye condition and needs daily drops and gentle cleaning of his eyelashes with a warm soft cloth when they get crusted. They both have a heart murmur, but do not need to be on medicine at this time. And they both have some lumps and moles that have been checked by the vet and not to worry they are cosmetic only.

These two sleep all night, are totally house trained and don’t chew anything. They will not be placed in a home with children younger than ten, they are very scared of loud noises, even clapping your hands or slamming cabinet doors sends them running with fright. So a quiet home without young children is best. They are both submissive with other dogs and do not cause any problems.

They are sweet loving seniors with so much cuteness and love to give a deserving person or family. We can provide transport within the New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and DC area.”

To adopt Callie and Casey, please email with any questions or to apply!