Senior Spotlight – Champ


BROOKLYN, NY: *Please Share!* With his seal-sounding bark and walrus-like waddle, Champ can make just about anyone smile! He is a charmer and he just really, really wants a friend! We met Champ at the shelter last week and featured him SSD. And, sadly, he’s still there. Champ has several cards on his kennel encouraging adopters to take a closer look at him – “staff pick of the week” & “I can go home today!” & “I’ve been here awhile. Take a look at me first.” But week after week everyone just keeps walking on by. PLEASE SHARE!

The other difficulty Champ faces is not having interest from any reputable rescue groups. Many rescue groups in NYC rely on foster homes, and it’s hard for rescues to find fosters for large, older dogs. They also know it’s a lot harder to adopt out a middle aged dog over a fluffy puppy (or even a small super-senior is often easier to get adopted). This information is not to blame, but rather paint the picture for Champ and why it’s so hard for him to get any sort of attention.

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) wrote, “Meet Champ, a Brooklyn ACC long-stay. Champ has been with us for 2.5 months, and while we adore his company and charm, this big boy is overdue for a loving home.

There are two things Champ enjoys more than anything else — butt scratches and cheek rubs! When you scratch his butt, his tail goes into full swing-mode and his whole chubby little body wiggles around. You can’t help but smile as you watch all this jiggling and waggling going on. And when you cup his face in your hands and rub his cheeks, all while telling him what a sweet boy he is, he gets soooo relaxed that he drifts off for a minute.”

An adoption application is required. Adopters MUST travel to the Brooklyn ACC and adopt Champ in person. Please visit him!! Champ has been good with all dogs at the shelter, but will be best paired with a mellow, easygoing canine. And he’s looking for a child-free home.

To adopt Champ, please email with animal ID# 37418.

Brooklyn ACC is located at 2336 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY.