Senior Spotlight – Coal

LONG ISLAND, NY: *Please Share!* 13 year old Coal has been on the search for a long time for that special adopter with a huge heart for aging dogs. He will thrive with someone who is either very experienced with geriatric animals, or with someone who may not have experience but who is open to going through the aging process with him. Coal’s foster has kindly cared for him since January, but Coal needs a forever home. He is alone long hours each day and would do well with someone who can devote more time to him at this stage. We know his forever is out there…PLEASE SHARE!

Coal’s foster writes, “Coal, a 13-year old, 25-pound Labrador/terrier mix who came to me timid and shy. He is losing his sight and hearing so is easily startled. I have always left his harness on so that it is easier to put a leash on to get him outside. As I would attach his lash to the back of his harness, he often shied away, turned to me and tried to mouth or bite my hand. Little by little, I realized his fear caused this and if I moved slowly and he was able to smell my hand, he would allow me to attach the leash. After all these months, Coal has learned to trust me. After his initial fear of my hand on his harness he allows to me to hold it and direct him.

When it is mealtime, he runs with excitement, in circles around my legs. The other dogs don’t allow him to go near their bowls and sometimes he gets in their space. The first few months there would be some small fights that needed to be broken up. He has learned boundaries and has held his own.

After 10 hours it is hard for him to hold it. I often come home to a little mess and he has difficulty getting it on the pad. I have spread newspapers and pads on the kitchen floor which is where he often makes. I let him have free roam of the house and found it is the most effective to keep him from stepping in the mess. I have been feeding Coal only in the early evening so as to have less mess when I get home.

When I have had people over, I have told them not to pet him at first. He will sometimes growl initially when a stranger comes in the house but warms up to them.

Lately Coal has been exhibiting some dementia-like behavior. He will often pace and rarely sits down. It takes him time to settle down before sleeping. Sometimes he gets ‘lost’ and I’ll find him in the bathroom staring at tub or at the bottom of basement steps (3 steps) trying to decide where to go. He has some problems with the stairs but I hold him by the harness for assist up and down. Coal is special, needs time to learn to trust and love his person.

Coal has a sensitive stomach and is on metronidazole for it daily and a prescription diet. (The medication is relatively cheap and his adoption comes with one year’s supply!) We prefer not to adopt Coal in the city environment. In rural/suburban areas he is much better. Coal needs someone with patience who wants to give an older dog a home.”

Coal MUST be adopted in person. No transport.

To adopt Coal, please email with any questions or to apply. Adoption application is required!