Senior Spotlight – Cooper


(near) MIAMI, FL: *Please Share!* Cooper isn’t the “life of the party” kind of fella. And that’s the beautiful thing about him. Unfortunately, nobody has noticed this shy boy and he’s been living at the shelter for the last six years. Adopters’ attention goes to the young dogs, the outgoing dogs…basically, the opposite of Cooper. And yet he’s so very wonderful! People are missing out! Cooper is an easygoing guy who yearns for a simple lifestyle. He just needs somebody to notice him, that’s all. PLEASE SHARE!

A shelter volunteer wrote, “Cooper was surrendered to the shelter after his owner passed away. Cooper is 10 years old and he is such a wonderful dog, he will make a very loyal companion!

Cooper is affectionate, friendly and has a soft and gentle demeanor. He always appreciates any attention given to him. He is calm, easy going, and has a low to moderate energy level. He can be a little shy and reserved at first but after you spend some time with him you can tell that he really wants to be loved.

Due to the fact that Cooper is a little shy with new people, he has been at the shelter for 6 years since most adopters prefer outgoing and younger dogs. He is currently sharing his kennel with another easygoing female mate and they get along very well. He will do best with a dog who has a similar laid back personality, or he’ll be fine as the only dog. Cooper is not very demanding and is looking for that special person or family who can take him home and give him a comfy bed.

It’s a small shelter so transport is not available – adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Cooper in person.”

To adopt Cooper, please email with questions or to set up a meet-and-greet.

Born Free Pet Shelter is located in Homestead, Florida – near Miami, FL. Shelter visits are by appointment.