Senior Spotlight – Jacob


PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Please Share!* It’s another day of SO MANY days at the shelter for 9 year old Jacob. He’s been dealt a super crummy hand in life…in and out of the shelter 7 different times. Not to mention the 1,800+ days he’s had to endure shelter life. But don’t get judgy on Jacob – it’s not his fault. Like humans, dogs thrive with security and consistency. And when life throws us one-too-many curve balls, well, it’s dang hard. Considering the amount of times humans have failed or given up on Jacob, we’d say he’s handling things pretty well. This buddy really needs a human. Someone who won’t let him down one more time. PLEASE SHARE!

Pennsylvania SPCA wrote, “We have a senior dog here, Jacob, who has been in and out of the shelter 7 times in the last several years and he is starting to become depressed here at the shelter and we desperately want for him to find a forever home who can love him as we do. He has been homeless for a total of 1,800 days, and since his most recent surrender, it has been over two and a half consecutive years.

Jacob has some amazing bull terrier qualities in him, like the need to be close to a kind adult who is totally down to snuggle—and if there are two of you, he will always squirm his way into the middle. He is definitely a pup that loves to stay by your side and will give you tons of love throughout the day. He’s been looking for someone who will be his best friend who has a flexible lifestyle and won’t leave him home alone too many hours (or a couple that works opposite shifts).

One of Jacob’s favorite things to do is to nap – he follows a nap, chill-on-a-comfy-chair, and nap again routine, and really, who could blame him? Jacob will remind you to slow down and go with the relaxing flow of life. He is super smart and loves to learn. He’s searching for someone who will be willing to teach him some new tricks or provide him with daily physical or mental stimulation. Because he can be a little bit nervous about new situations and doesn’t like other animals, Jacob will do best in an adult-only home as the single pet. He’s been in foster care before, and has proven he can be very well-behaved in a home.

Even though Jacob is a senior that loves his chill time, he doesn’t shy away from long walks or car rides. He truly just wants to be by your side no matter what you’re doing. If you’re a dog savvy owner with a comfortable couch or bed that Jacob could take a snooze on, please reach out, he would really love to meet you!

We could find a way to transport him to rescues, but we would need adopters to be able to come to the shelter here in Philadelphia, Danville or Lancaster, PA to meet and adopt him. Also, all of his medical care will be covered for life to anyone who adopts him.”

To adopt Jacob, please email his ‘staff buddy,’ Amanda, at with any questions or to apply!

Pennsylvania SPCA is located at 350 E. Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.