Senior Spotlight – Maverick

(near) OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: *Please Share!* He’s so handsome and gentle and wise! Meet Maverick! He is a calm guy who was adopted by a nice family who really tried to make it work. But their youngest son has a fear of dogs, prior to adopting Maverick, and the son just couldn’t get comfortable with having a dog. Maverick has a wonderful personality and temperament and will adjust well with a family who matches his relaxed energy. Let’s help Maverick find his forever home! PLEASE SHARE!

Pets and People Humane Society wrote, “Maverick has a great personality, kind of a goofy, marmaduke type. We had him at the shelter for a year or so and was overlooked and overlooked. Finally, a great family came and adopted him. He was great in the home. He followed everyone around from room to room just wanting to be near them. He was wonderful with the older son who was 10 years old and he loved him, but the younger son, who was 8 years old, had a previous fear of dogs and just could not warm up to Maverick. So unfortunately they had to return him.

Maverick is a sweet boy who loves his stuffed animals and toys. We think he would be best in a home as an only dog or with large playmates like himself. He also would prefer older, calmer children as he is a little older and calmer himself! He also likes older, calmer dogs who won’t get in his face. Smaller dogs and puppies that are busy just are not his thing. He would be fine hanging out with other dogs as long as they are just wanting to ‘hang out’ too!

Several months ago, Maverick started dragging his leg and foot. We tried several braces but finally at the vet recommendation, his rear leg was amputated. And his personality actually blossomed! He healed quickly and is actually more active and playful now. He is housebroken and weighs about 60 pounds.

We would adopt Maverick to an out-of-area home but the adopter must be willing to drive to meet him and drive him home. The adopter must also willing to bring him back to us if ever they could not care for him. We take good care of him and love him but he so deserves his own home in his golden years.”

To adopt Maverick, please email with any questions or to request an application!

Pets and People Humane Society is located at 701 Inla Avenue, Yukon, OK.