Senior Spotlight – Tuti & Fruity (Bonded Pair)

HUNTSVILLE, AL: *Please Share!* Need some happiness and joy in your life? Meet Tuti and Fruity! These 12 year old siblings will keep you smiling for all the days of their lives. They are quite the duo!! Tuti and Fruity have been up for adoption for 3+ months already, likely because they need to stay together and that turns most people off. But what could be better than a senior dog? TWO senior dogs!! Let’s keep Tuti and Fruity together. PLEASE SHARE!

Friends of Rescue wrote, “We have had Tuti and Fruity for about 3 months now. They are both senior and bonded, so we haven’t gotten much interest in them. They are the BEST of friends. We rescued from a local shelter after their previous owner could no longer care for them. Tuti is the male (fluffy one) and Fruity is the female (Chihuahua). Tuti weighs 11 pounds and Fruity weighs 7 pounds.

Fruity is a total ham and does her best to find hilarious poses for the camera. Tuti is a big snuggle bug. They are potty, pad, and crate trained. They sleep in the same little crate together each night. They are still very active pups – they love going on walks and running around the backyard! They tolerate other dogs, but they are definitely BFFs. They are very loving and want to be by your side at all times. Don’t let their age fool you, they still have a lot of puppy energy!

We are in Huntsville, AL but regularly arrange transports to the Chicago area as well as the Northeast. Tuti and Fruity have been together all their lives and are very bonded, and we would like to have them adopted together.”

To adopt Tuti and Fruty (together only!), please email to request an application!