Senior Spotlight – Ziggy


NORWALK, CT: *Please Share!* 8 year old Ziggy is a “before and after” story in waiting. You see, Ziggy is stressed at the shelter. He’s been adopted and returned twice, which would put any of us on edge. Ziggy is an outdoorsy fella who thrives with activity and adventure. Instead, he’s been cooped up in the shelter for months and months. Ziggy is very friendly and well-behaved with humans of all ages. And he’d love to find a family to adventure with for all the rest of his days! PLEASE SHARE!

PAWS – Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk, Connecticut wrote, “Ziggy is a friendly boy searching for his forever people. He’s very sweet but stressed in the shelter. He’s been adopted and returned twice and would like a quiet home to live out his retirement years once and for all. The first return was due to the owner moving into housing that didn’t allow dogs. (She really didn’t want to return him and tried to get her landlord to consent.) The second return was for not getting along with other animals. He’s had no potential adopters during the last few months, unfortunately, and things are pretty much the same for Ziggy.

Ziggy is an energetic guy who would be a great hiking or walking partner. He is a fun-loving and loves to play ball! He is also intelligent, inquisitive and attentive. He is eager to learn and would make a great class partner. He likes to be close to his people and his perfect family will be up for both quality fun and cuddle time. He is great with people, including children. (He’s even been to Stepping Stones Museum for Children and did great.)

Ziggy needs to be in a home with no other animals. We are working on a program of counter conditioning with him around other dogs as he can be quite vocally reactive when he’s around other dogs. (The behaviorist he saw recommended Prozac, which he’s on currently, to help with behavior modification.) And he cannot live with cats.

Ziggy is eligible for PAWS’ Senior Pension Plan which means no adoption fee, annual vaccinations, wellness exams and senior profile bloodwork free of charge at PAWS.”

To adopt Ziggy, please email with any questions or to set up a meet & greet.

PAWS animal shelter is located at 504 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT.